How to count cards in blackjack, the rules of the game

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Blackjack card counting technique is the most common and reliable strategy to help you win with minimum investment. There is often news that another elderly professor has beaten a gambling establishment. Most likely, the player simply knew how to count cards in blackjack and was able to apply the available skills in practice.  When using a strategy, it is important not only to conduct calculations, but also to do everything possible to ensure that the casino staff did not identify you. Or you can just play at online casinos

Before putting your strategy into practice, you should make sure that you know the exact details of the blackjack rules. It is also worth just visiting the casino for once and learning about the technique of play. The process at the casino is very different from playing at an ordinary kitchen table with friends and acquaintances. Knowledge of the counting strategy allows you to leave the casino without any advantages that reduce the probability of winning the client to almost zero.

Improve your skills

The mastered theoretical part must be practiced before the machine, in the real game you will have only a few seconds to make a decision. Only the skill of calculation worked out before the automatism will allow you to leave the casino with a win. The method of scoring involves the evaluation of all cards in the playing deck. All cards over 10 are counted as “-1”, cards below 10 are counted as “+1”, permanent scoring allows to get the final score of the game and make the right bet.

If the ratio of older cards to younger cards is below zero at the time of play, the player may raise his bet. All the data about the performed tally must always be in your head, then you can change your bet depending on the course of the game. Which values are assigned to the cards:

  • Cards 2-6 are valued at +1.
  • Cards 7-9 are rated at 0.
  • Cards older than 10 are rated at -1.
  • Aces are also ranked as -1.

The higher the sum of your calculations, the higher the stake should be. Follow the rules: increase your stake by 1 unit with every new positive number. To know exactly how to count cards to blackjack in a casino, try to do your house tally using a regular game deck. If the calculations are done correctly, you will end up with zero. If you’ve done the math on one deck well, it shouldn’t take more than 25 seconds to do the math on one deck, a higher score means that any high-speed dealer will beat you without problems.

Practicing under difficult conditions

It’s easy to count cards at home when nothing and no one is distracting you from the process, but consider that in a real casino you can only dream of silence. Practice with the TV on, if you have a dog at home and a couple of kids who love active games – even better, all the interfering factors will help you perfectly master the counting technique.

The right disguise

Even if you know how to count cards in blackjack, you will not be able to implement the strategy without disguise. Stick to the following rules:

  • Do not spend too much time in the casino, if you are mistaken for a tourist who just came to play in your spare time, you will be beyond suspicion;
  • It’s best to wear the most ordinary clothes to the game, avoid Armani suits, expensive shoes and jewelry;
  • Don’t raise your bet too fast, it’s better to raise at random moments in the game;
  • All attention should not be focused only on the game, show interest in something else. Ordinary players (not counters) are often distracted by girls and drinks during the game.

The main thing about strategy is to behave naturally and not to attract too much extra attention. This is the only way card counting can help you make money on blackjack. Or you can try to succeed in other games, which can be found at